Ain’t I an Extremist?

A few days ago the head of MI5 warned that ISIS is planning “mass casualty” terrorist attacks in the UK, and that they have foiled six already in the last year. It would be interesting to hear more about these cases, especially as we know that governments, including the British, like to hire informants to entrap people who might never have previously shown any interest in harming innocent people for political reasons, or even expressed any “radical” views.

This comes while the Tories are trying to get their secret (yes, secret) Snooper’s Charter together, which will need the backing of MPs and the people of Britain, or at least for them to not resist it. Talk about a double standard! Wait a minute, isn’t that what they do in the bad countries we hear about?

This legislation is a part of the government’s fight against “extremism” — the political term which still has no clear definition and therefore can be used to criminalise more or less anyone who disagrees with what the ruling party says — because that’s what democracy is all about!

What makes the Snooper’s Charter particularly dangerous — other than the powers it can potentially give the state — is how easy it is for the police to obtain a warrant. Instead of warrants being signed off by a judge, which can offer citizens some level of protection against potential tyranny, they are signed off by ministers. The same ministers who helped draw up the legislation and the same ministers who want to stay in power. This is precisely how “justice” works in totalitarian states. Yeah, that definitely sounds like the sort of thing they do in the bad countries.


To nicely blur the lines between terrorism (another dubious term), “extremism” and legitimately saying “fuck the system”, today the Daily Mail reports: “In an unprecedented victory for extremism, fears for the safety of Conservative members triggered the ‘depressing’ decision to abandon the Conservative event.”

No, this is not “extremism”, this is people exercising their fundamental democratic right to protest, and it being effective. If this is what the Tories and their chums, the Daily Mail, consider “extremism”, and if Jeremy Corbyn is considered an “extremist”, then we really ought to get our pitchforks from the shed.

Many people dismiss the Daily Mail for the ridiculous bullshit that it is. Yes, it is ridiculous bullshit, but dismissing it and underestimating its power is a dangerous exercise of privilege, which I will rant about another day.

Ain’t I an Extremist?

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