Moral Muslims Strike Again

Did anyone hear about that group of Muslim women in France, who attacked a non-Muslim woman for “moral reasons”, allegedly because she was wearing a bikini in a public park the other day? This sparked a campaign on social media, going under the guise of feminism, of women posting pictures of themselves in bikinis. Because, fuck Islam.

Well, it turns out the whole thing had nothing to do with “moral reasons” at all, and the police have confirmed this. But you know, whenever any Muslims do anything – especially if it’s to non-Muslims – it must be because they are Muslim. I imagine the dickheads who jump to such conclusions are the very same dickheads who accuse people of colour of “playing the race card”, tell people of colour “not everything’s about race” and that they “see race in everything”. That is one example of the hypocrisy and double-standard integral to racism. Naturally, it didn’t take long for this story to get the attention of the international right-wing press – “Tut, tut! those moral Muslims are at it again.”

Now let’s get some perspective on this. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that it was for “moral reasons”. Getting beaten up is not exactly a nice thing, but did this fairly mild sort of beating, which barely resulted in any superficial injuries, warrant national and international news coverage, and a social media campaign? Every time a person of colour or a Muslim is attacked by racist gangs – and they do end up in hospital or even dead – does it make the news?

Notice how the Daily Mail makes a disclaimer after it's already angered its readers with the headline.
Notice how the Daily Mail makes a disclaimer after it’s already infuriated its readers with the headline.
The video doesn’t even look like a fight, perhaps a heated argument with a bit of pushing and shoving, at worst. None of the women in the video are wearing a hijab, so to many non-Muslims they wouldn’t even “look Muslim”. Yet apparently they are so dogmatic about women covering up that they attack women for wearing bikinis in public parks.
L’Union admits it “made a mistake” with the reporting of this story, but that doesn’t make it any less racist. Either the paper jumped at the chance of writing a story on “reverse racism” involving Muslims, which they can put a pseudo-feminist spin to; or they genuinely believed the story – “write first, ask questions later!” Both are racist/Islamophobic mentalities.
Moral Muslims Strike Again

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